If you would like to request a report or if you have any questions with regard to the procedure that you should follow, please contact us and we will be glad to be of assistance. Modero has a thorough expertise with regard to drawing up reports of judicial findings. Our expertise is called on every day to draw up reports on a varied range of subjects.

Article 519 § 1 of the new status of judicial officers stipulates that the reports drawn up by judicial officers have an authentic value with regard to the material facts and information physically observed by the judicial officer. Even though that this was generally accepted before, the judge had a certain degree of discretionary power with regard to the report of the judicial officer.

The express inclusion of the word “authentic” with regard to the facts and information observed by the judicial officer limits the discretionary power of the judge to a large extent. In the future, the judge will have to maintain the findings of the report of the judicial officer. The authenticity of the strictly material facts, established by the judicial officer, can only be contested by a forgery procedure.