Jan De Meuter presents CROS to the world at the press conference held by justice minister Koen Geens and the FOD Justice (Justice Dept.). He presents the cooperation protocol with the professional bodies representing judicial officers, attorneys and notaries public concerning the further and continued digitalizing of the justice department. With advanced projects such as the “Electronic Filing System of Attachment Notices” – CBB in short – the judicial officers have proven to be front runners in the field of digitalization. Today they continue with the similar impetus while presenting the “Central Register for the Collection of Uncontested Monetary Debts”.

Jan De Meuter, chairman of the study center for judicial officers SAM-TES, announced the presentation of the central register as follows:

This new procedure that Justice Minister Koen Geens is offering society is quite simply a stroke of genius, as much in its simplicity as in its efficiency, evidenced as much by the continued interest of other member states of the union. As judicial officers we’ve been banking on data processing for 10 years: digital is the language that can unite people and companies faster and more efficiently than any other.

Again we have created a new digital platform for this procedure within the seat of the National Chamber, the CROS – Centraal Register Onbetwiste geld Schulden – the Central Register for Uncontested Monetary Debts.

This platform unites all technological innovations of the last years:

  • Our authentic source of judicial officers with our unique service box (24 milj. transactions a year) with a complete auditing and logging module that allows for tracking and tracing;
  • Electronic signatures on documents;
  • Linking divers unique sources (KBO – databank of companies registered in Belgium, VIES register – register of all EU VAT numbers, Rijksregister – a Register containing all individuals inscribed in the country, ...);
  • A complete digital file and digital safe box where all documents are stored.

This technological platform allows us to realize the ultimate goal of this new procedure for the collection of uncontested monetary debts:

  1. Faster than the traditional procedure: an enforceable tittle after only 1 month and 8 days;
  2. Cheaper. As an example: the creditor of an uncontested claim for 10.000 euros needs to pay 889,63 euros should he chose for a normal legal procedure. The cost of the new procedure would amount to only 225, 23 euros. A quarter of the original cost. For less important amounts the cost will descend to less than 125 euros.
  3. On top of this the new procedure needs to offer both transparency and  legal guarantees  to all parties involved.  The fact that a magistrate will, besides normal court duties, continuously check that all formal procedures are strictly followed, ensures that both these requirements are met.

By operating both faster and cheaper the cash flow of companies involved is enhanced and, yet another of the objectives of this legislation, the burden on the justice departments is substantially alleviated.

Nevertheless this digital platform is not the target itself but a means of reaching our goal: a better performance of the justice department, a better society and a better world.

We thank the minister for his faith and trust in the judicial officers as his digital allies.

The system is ready and will become operative on the 2 of July 2016.

Want to know more about this new b2b-procedure?  Contact us and we won’t hesitate to help you!