Modero steunt school in Pepinster

In the middle of July, whole villages were wiped off the map by heavy flooding in our country. Pepinster, in the south of our country, is one of the worst affected regions. The floods caused buildings to collapse. As a result, the school in Pepinster has been seriously damaged.

Many of the children who attend school there come from families that have been badly affected and have lost everything. At present, there are about 200 pupils who can no longer attend school. Of the three school buildings, one has been completely destroyed and in another all furniture and materials are unusable or have been washed away. The need for help is enormous.

One thing is certain: the school of Pepinster needs help. And Modero would like to contribute to that. We attach great importance to the social role that a bailiff takes on. At Modero it is therefore only logical that we make our contribution to the school. Modero wants to make sure that the children can return to a safe and warm school environment in September.

Collection action for Écoles Libres de Pepinster

The school needs money to rebuild the school buildings and to buy teaching materials. Financial help is needed for the purchase of chairs, benches and teaching materials up to book bags, lunch boxes, crayons and notebooks for the children from the affected families. To collect this money, Modero asks all her employees to set up an action. For example, raising money by washing cars, baking and selling biscuits, setting up shopping services, etc.

The money raised by these actions will be deposited in an account that the school created for this purpose. Maryline Langer, as bailiff and godmother of the project, will follow up the deposits into the account. The disaster is especially important to Maryline. She herself is from the Pepinster region.

How can you help rebuild the school?

Would you like to contribute personally or through your company to the reconstruction of the school in Pepinster and provide the children with the necessary basic materials? You can do so by making a direct donation to account number BE41 0689 4225 6310. Put 'Modero' in the message of the transfer.

Show your big heart. Give the children of Pepinster back the opportunity to do what children should do: play and learn together.

Modero & Écoles Libres de Pepinster, tous ensemble!