Making your business completely corona proof? Follow our 25 tips and pass the COVID-19 check with flying colors.

Recently our office in Antwerp was visited by an inspector. He checked whether we correctly comply with the protective measures against COVID-19 in the workplace. People often refer to the social inspection, but this is not entirely correct. This is a COVID-19 check on behalf of the Social Intelligence and Investigation Service. The Federal Public Service Welfare, Labor and Social Dialogue is cooperating with these COVID-19 checks. The labor inspection is part of this Public Service and sends both its ‘social inspection’ inspectors and its ‘well-being at work’ inspectors to execute these checks.


COVID-19 check at Modero

This visit wasn’t surprising as judicial officers are included in the list of critical sectors and essential services. As a result, we can continue to offer our services and our offices still have a lot of busy bees. Although we facilitate teleworking as much as possible, this is not always possible in practice. In any case, Modero already takes a lot of measures to guarantee the safety of our judicial officers, employees, contractors and clients, but there is always room for improvement. That is why we welcomed the inspector with open arms.

The inspector reported at our client reception around 10 am. We asked him to wait with his audit and to ask further questions until our HR manager could speak to him. This could take a while, as she is currently telecommuting and has yet to make the move. In the meantime, he gained access to our office and had a look around.

This inspector highlighted the correct measures taken, as well as some points of improvement and tips to further increase safety. The inspector was extremely correct and helpful. The purpose of such a check is to issue warnings and, if necessary, also issue official reports. The inspector was therefore strict, but fair. He will return shortly to check whether the point for improvement have been fine-tuned in the meantime.

The lessons that Modero learned from this audit are also relevant to many other companies. That is why we have shared this information with our fellow judicial officers, but your company can also get started with it. This way you avoid a warning, official report or fine and you make the work of the inspectors easier during further checks. Let’s create a safe working environment for everyone together.


Our complete guide

As an employer you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Not sure where to start? Download our complete guide (click here for the Dutch version, click here for French) with tips on how to make your business completely corona proof. This way, you will pass the COVID-19 check with flying colors.