Do you panic when you receive a letter from a judicial officer? Most Belgian people do. The letter is usually quickly stuffed in to a drawer to be forgotten. Then the problem is over, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your financial problems will only grow. That is why it is important that you have a conversation with the judicial officer in time. On this international day of clear communication, we are happy to tell you how we can help you.


Have you already received a letter from a judicial officer?
Then you were probably flooded with legal jargon. At Modero we understand that such letters do not receive a response. After all, before you pay, you want to know why you have to pay something and what consequences there are if you don’t pay. That is why Modero communicates clearly, easily and understandingly. We ensure that the most important information stands out in our letters. We explain the jargon used and we tall you more about the path your file will take. We will also inform you about any additional (reminder or judicial) costs, how we can avoid these costs and your options. For example, a payment plan is always negotiable. When the situation requires it, we will refer you to the correct debt counseling agencies. This way, we mediate between you (our client) and our contractor (the creditor).

You need both parties to mediate.
Since many people do not respond to our letters, our judicial officers are forced to schedule home visits. They visit approximately 700.000 customers annually. During that home visit you can ask all kinds of questions and our judicial officer will be happy to help you. Such a conversation usually results in a solution and great relief for the customer. Would you like to ask some questions about the procedure or your file at a later date? Then you can contact Modero using the information you will find at the top of the letter you received. We can be reached by letter, telephone, e-mail, our digital client platform or one of our branch offices.

Sometimes customers unfortunately do not dare to contact us due to a language barrier.
Nevertheless, we are also happy to help clients who speak foreign languages. We can currently talk to you in more than 25 languages. This multilingualism ensures that we can inform clients better and find solutions faster. After all, as a judicial officer we fulfill a social role. It is important that we respond to new social challenges. That is why we regularly evaluate our communication and make adjustments where necessary.


In short, Modero wants to inform you and help you further. Together we can fin a solution. Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss your file? Don’t hesitate to contact a Modero office near you.