A modern judicial officer has an eye for user-friendlines

Today we are celebrating usability day. Under the motto of ‘making life easy’, we enter into a global dialogue about how services and products can be made even more user-friendly. Modero also has an eye for user-friendliness. For example, we...

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How can our accredited mediators help you?

The stereotypical image of the judicial officer who inexorably collects debts is long gone. Judicial officers are primarily independent bridge-builders. They mediate so that all parties can come to a solution together. But how do our...

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Covid-19 update: Modero adjusts his practices - designed by Freepik

Covid-19 update: Modero adjusts his practices

During both the first lockdown and the period after, Modero took many initiatives to guide contactors and clients through the corona crisis. The emphasis was on mediation and tailor-made solutions. Apart from this corona crisis, these principles...

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