Now that the first month of the new school year is behind us, the fundraising campaign for Écoles Libres de Pepinster is also coming to an end. To support the rebuilding of the school, the employees and network of Modero collected money. For weeks on end they did everything they could and the results are impressive. Together we raised an amount of 12,875 euros!

After the floods in July, the school had to demolish 2 of its buildings for the safety of the children. Thanks to the money raised by the fundraiser, the school was able to tear down one building and place container classrooms on the playground of another.

The school was also able to buy new furniture, toys, teaching materials and office equipment to rearrange the classrooms. Teachers and local residents joined forces and did their utmost to make the classrooms as cosy as possible. For the children, the new classrooms had to become an oasis of peace, especially after the heavy summer holidays.

In addition to furnishing the classrooms, the school was able to help children from affected families to buy new school materials. Affected children and children in need received, among other things, new backpacks, pencil cases, lunch boxes and writing materials.

For the school and the pupils, the start of the new school year was very different from what they are used to. Because the new container classrooms could not be installed before 1 September, 90 pupils had to spend the first 2 weeks teaching on location. At Domaine de Fawes in Charneux, the children learned about the climate and got to know each other better. In this way, the children were able to clear their minds and escape from Pepinster for a while.

But on 16 September, the children had to return to reality. Although the teachers and neighbours did their best, the children would love to return to a real school building. However, the school is still short of money for this. Donations can still be made directly to the school's account number BE41 0689 4225 6310.