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The image of the judicial officer as the bad guy still prevails in public opinion today. A judicial officer is a money grubber who collects claims at the expense of the debtor with as much extra costs as possible to put in his own pockets. This is the image that is only too happy to be displayed by various media and overshadows the many solutions that judicial officers seek and find every day to help debtors as much as possible.


Cost efficiency and amicable solutions first

Journalists feast on claims ranging from a few euros to hundreds of euros. Legal costs that a judicial officer is often obliged to charge. Costs determined by a Royal Decree of 1976 when a recovery procedure goes through the court. The judicial officer cannot do otherwise. However, Modero tries to find as much cost-efficient amicable solutions as possible, in other words before the claim ends up in court.

In addition, we calculate the debtor’s Solid-score upon receipt of each file. This is a unique score of the debtor’s solvency based on a structured, GDPR-compliant search, with which we can estimate his ability to pay. This allows us to take appropriate action and communicate to the debtor appropriately. We try to protect the consumer against unnecessary and excessive costs for unpaid invoices. Moreover, we always practice our profession in good conscience and with integrity.


Mediation as central value

Thanks to our Solid-score, we can give debtors with low to average solvency additional options to pay their outstanding receivables. Judicial officers are bridge builders. We always try to reconcile the conflicting interests of all parties involved. A supplier wants to be paid for the goods or services he has delivered, but the customer may (sometimes temporarily) not be able to pay. With the help of our accredited mediators, our internal mediation service and our digital mediation platform One, we find the most cost-efficient solution for both parties.


Relief of courts

Thanks to our approach, we find a solution in the amicable phase in 85 percent of our files, with or without either a full payment or via a payment plan. This not only ensures cost efficiency for both debtor and creditor, but also relieves the courts.


Modero tries to be proactive as much as possible. We can only combat the debt problem if we pay the necessary attention to preventive measures. By applying the Solid-score, we can recover money debts faster and cheaper. Contact us for more information.