Modero offers its clients secure access to their files at all times. Thanks to this easy-to-use web application, you can follow up cases via the internet throughout the entire external recovery process.

You have a clear overview of all items at all times: a detailed fee schedule; the progress of the proceedings and the most important documents for your case (deeds, reminder letters, judgments, notices of attachments, overview of attached goods...).

You can also always respond to situations as they arise at the office. This way, you can give online instructions to bring a case to a close, to record payments (that occurred outside of the agency’s interventions), request statements of your account, order the creation of new files, etc.

Click here to view the web application.

You will receive two options to log in. Check with your contact person at Modero to see which login method you need to use.


To select this option, you need to have electronic ID card reader that is connected to your computer. After introducing your electronic ID card into the card reader, click on "sign in with your eID".


You received a unique username and password from Modero. If you wish to log in using your username and password, fill in the fields “USERNAME" and "PASSWORD", and then click the OK button.

If you made an error when typing in your username and/or password, you will get an error message. Click again on “log in" at the top right hand side of the screen, and enter your username and password again.

Please note: the password is case sensitive. If you receive an error message, be sure to check the use of capitals.

Please note: you can only make 5 attempts to log in. Double-check the login information you received from Modero before attempting to log in again. If you have not managed to log in after 5 attempts, please contact our office.