Naturally, you want to get your invoices paid as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary costs. That is why we first focus our time and energy on an amicable collection and will only proceed with a writ of summons if this is really necessary.


All clients are different. We use a different approach for a consumer who does not pay their bills than for a company that does not pay its debts. Modero therefore first consults various internal and external databases, if possible, to determine the identity and solvency of customers, while respecting their privacy. After an identity check and solvency test the level of success of your claim can be estimated much more accurately. Depending on your objectives and the solvency level of the customer, a tailor-made approach is elaborated.


You have probably already sent a first or even a second payment reminder to your customer. Before taking over your case, Modero will study those letters carefully and give you advice. Did you make the right claim? Did you use the right means? Afterwards, Modero often sends one last reminder. The style and approach used often make a big difference. Your customer deserves credit, to a certain extent. If your customer is able to infer from the communication that you are determined to obtain payment, often their payment behaviour already changes.


Well-informed customers usually pay faster. We use a range of communication means, to keep the threshold for the customer as low as possible. Every customer has access to their file via the internet, to clear statements of their account, accompanying letters, accessible opening hours, regional contact desks, multilingual staff, text messages, special websites, etc. It is not always clear to customers how to access legal or social support. Through our internal ombudsman, customers are redirected to the appropriate social or legal services. Our website also contains several useful links. This ombudsman also handles any complaints customers may have about the way we work.


It is this personal approach to cases that distinguishes us from debt collection agencies. As judicial officers, we are able to initiate legal proceedings, after the amicable debt collection phase. And during these proceedings, we also have a number of powers specific to our profession.
We look at files from a legal point of view, already from the start. The amicable phase is intended exactly to avoid legal proceedings. In this way, we try to save costs for our customers and clients.
We maintain an overview of the complete file, from its start-up to a possible court-ordered enforcement. The amicable and legal phases come together. No information is lost and we can ensure a faster turnaround time that way.


Our own IT service is the backbone of Modero's services. Regardless of which Modero employee is handling your case at any given time, your case file will always be up-to-date. Modero uses the most modern technologies in the area of data synchronisation and bases the collection process on a central case file, in all stages of the process. All changes to a case file are systematically fed back to a central server. Transparency is a key concept for Modero, so as a client you get access to this central server via a web application for online case file overview and you can request personalised reports. Even if there is a whole team working on your file, you still have a single person who is the central point of contact. In that way, you can maintain a clear overview.


Do you have a large number of files that you want start working on quickly? Our own IT service ensures a quick, automated creation of your case files in all of Belgium thanks to our proprietary state-of-the-art software.
Modero can also take over the entire outstanding payment process from drafting and sending the invoice, writing reminder letters, handling telephone calls, processing payments to the amicable and legal debt collection. Invoicing is done by Modero using your own layout and is seamlessly integrated into your existing processes. This relieves you of a significant administrative burden in exchange for a well-performing and cost-effective system. Everybody benefits from this approach.


In some cases, your customer is unable to pay their debts. It is often wise, in that case, to spread payments over time. This will give your customer the opportunity to pay off their debt (under supervision) without getting into greater financial problems. There is also a quick win for you: it is still better to have a customer who pays the full amount after a while, than to have someone who does not pay at all. We try to limit all payment plans to a 12 month period. In that way, you will get paid within a reasonable time period.


Is your customer about to go bankrupt? Then we will naturally notify the receiver of the debt, immediately after bankruptcy. In this way, your rights are protected during the bankruptcy proceedings. Are you dealing with a private person who is part of a collective debt settlement? Then we will have close discussions with the debt mediator to best defend your claim.