Regardless of the services offered by Modero, good cooperation with the legal profession is usually crucial to obtain a satisfactory result. Everyone has a role to play. Modero works together closely with lawyers, on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to our extensive legal experience, we have built up a unique expertise that we like to put at your, the lawyer’s, service. After all, what works well for you, works well for your client and so works well for us. A win-win-win, that is what we are after.
You can contact us for a swift intervention in the proceedings, correct information and advice. However, we can also serve you and your client even before legal proceedings are initiated, thanks to our cost-effective method of amicable debt collection.


You advise clients on the legal possibilities and means that are available to protect their rights. This often involves initiating legal proceedings, in which the opposing party is summoned before the court and a judgment or ruling is to be enforced. Depending on the counterparty’s level of solvency and the nature of the claim, various possibilities can often be considered. As judicial officers, we can advise you on the most efficient method to be applied for enforcement.

Modero has numerous specialists in various areas. In this way, Modero can put an experienced and competent member of staff in charge of your case, even when dealing with a very specific branch of the law. You can count on us for accurate information (deadlines, cost estimates) and advice regarding a great deal of specific services: special attachments, sequestrator proceedings, rental disputes, findings, etc. When performing our official duties, we keep a close eye on the various deadlines and the legislation.
In the event that proceedings need to be initiated abroad, we rely on the experience of Modero International. Modero International is a separate department within Modero which exclusively handles cases abroad, both in the amicable and in the legal phases.

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Does your client have unpaid invoices that he wishes to entrust to you? But maybe your firm is not equipped to provide the administrative handling of such cases? Modero can take over this task. We have developed a result-oriented amicable debt collection process that saves costs for both customers and clients. The solvency test plays a crucial role. This method completely relies on proprietary state-of-the-art software.
We can also take over the coordination and follow-up of payment plans from you. In this way, we can make filings with the debt mediator on behalf of you or your client and follow up on these cases for you.
Are you owed overdue fees? Then we can also help you with this amicable debt collection.

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Do you work together with us and do you have a specific legal question related to a matter in which a judicial officer is involved? Then please contact our virtual legal services contact desk.


Here you can find the fixed court dates applied by the various courts in the legal district of Antwerp, stated in the appearance formulas (in Dutch or in French).