Modero has built up a long-lasting relationship with different public companies, institutions and bodies. Over the years, numerous assignments have been allocated to us via public tenders. Our social involvement has certainly played a role in this. Click here for specific references.

Throughout our handling of the files entrusted to us, we apply a socially responsible approach: the Modero Way. It is our vision that we can only produce a positive result for the customer, the client and the judicial officer if we are able to empathise with the situation of the customer and respect their individual socio-economic situation. This approach is put into practice by means of a thorough solvency test of the customer. On the basis of the solvency score obtained, we can follow the most socially responsible strategy.

According to the Modero Way philosophy, the balance between social responsibility, enforcement actions and commercial and financial interests has to be struck just right. Everyone has certain rights and obligations to stick to. For example, a different approach will be applied in cases where customers are reluctant or aggressive, compared to customers who simply forgot or are unable to pay.

As part of the social responsibility principle, the amicable debt collection phase is sometimes followed by a legal phase. In this amicable debt collection phase, payment reminders are sent, repayment plans are negotiated and followed up and disputes are handled.

The idea is to lower the threshold as much as possible, in this stage of the recovery process. For example, we pay particular attention to our letters to the customer striking a conciliatory and inviting tone. Contacting the customer is the starting point for the amicable debt collection phase. We want to avoid, as much as possible, that the customer, on top of the amount claimed, incurs additional costs for contacting us to settle their case.

Thanks to our cost-cutting approach, we help the customer to get their financial situation back on track as soon as possible, and we limit the number of unpaid costs to a strict minimum. The lower the costs we have to make on behalf of the customer, the smaller the risk of unpaid costs having to be charged to the client.

In all aspects of our service, we closely abide by the ethical and legal obligations that apply to us. In this way we boost our clients’ image.