Are you in business with companies abroad that do not pay up? Do you have international customers or national customers moving to another country? For years, Modero has been familiar with the problems associated with customers who are located abroad: language barriers, the limited mandate of Belgian judicial officers abroad, national legislation which provides for other procedures compared to Belgium, etc. 
Modero International is a separate department within Modero Judicial Officers which exclusively handles cases abroad, both in the amicable and in the legal phases. Thanks to our many years of experience with international recovery, we have an extensive knowledge of the possibilities for recovery abroad.

As soon as a case file is entrusted to Modero International, we will carefully examine the recovery and enforcement options in the country concerned. The case files transferred often come with legal obstacles, usually not pursuant to Belgian law, but pursuant to the local legislation of the country where the enforcement is to take place. In order to avoid unnecessary and expensive proceedings, at that time, we can point the client to possible problems that may arise later.

Modero International offers the following services, among others:

  • A custom recovery process with specialists located in Belgium and abroad.
  • Comprehensive credit information in most countries (in accordance with local legislation).
  • Customised linguistic support by multilingual specialists. For example, we have in-house staff who can talk to customers in different languages.
  • We can summon parties abroad in accordance with Belgian law, taking into account the treaties that Belgium has signed with the country where the defendant is domiciled or has its headquarters. Additionally, we always take account of the standards that apply to the service of documents abroad.
  • Enforcement via a colleague abroad: either in the traditional way via the exequatur procedure or by means of the European Enforcement Order.
  • Application and incorporation of the latest European directives.

Modero has developed a unique approach for small, medium and large enterprises. Whether you give us a small assignment or conclude an agreement for large weekly or monthly packages, whether your customers are consumers or enterprises, Modero has an adapted approach for every client and uses clear and fair rates. If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to receive more information about our rates, please make an appointment or contact Modero International for more information.

To guarantee this service, Modero International works together with a number of international partners. In our neighbouring countries, we work together with fixed partners with whom we have regular contact and who, like our Belgian partners in the Modero network, share our vision. Our international partners are lawyers, judicial officers and credit specialists. In principle, however, we do not enlist the major debt collection agencies because they cannot provide the specialised and individual service that our clients expect and demand.

Do you need help collecting your international receivables, make an appointment.