Séverine Grzegorzewski is appointed as judicial officer.

Séverine Grzegorzewski appointed as judicial officer

Séverine Grzegorzewski (Modero Hainaut) was appointed as judicial officer on 8 December 2020. Her appointment has been published in the Belgian Offical Gazette on 18 December 2020.

Since September 2018, Séverine has been part op Modero...

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Making your business completely corona proof? Follow our 25 tips and pass the COVID-19 check with flying colors.

Social inspection visiting? Follow these 25 tips!

Recently our office in Antwerp was visited by an inspector. He checked whether we correctly comply with the protective measures against COVID-19 in the workplace. People often refer to the social inspection, but this is not entirely correct. This...

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How does this team achieve a recovery rate of more than 75 percent? How do they find that many payment solutions? We will tell you.

Department in the spotlight: team Province

At Modero, there are not only judicial officers. Our network counts also more than 300 enthusiast employees. They work at different departments, but they all have one thing in common: they look for the best solution for both our contractors...

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