Modero is a progressive judicial officer's agency. We combine the classic dedicated approach to individual cases with a state-of-the-art approach to large projects. And in everything that we do, we bear in mind the human aspect of our profession.

Judicial officers serve judgments and try to get defaulters to pay. And that is where our duties end, strictly speaking, according to some. Quite naturally, we are often not welcomed with open arms. We believe that our task consists of much more. Modero is convinced of the social relevance of judicial officers. The focus is both on resolving payment disputes and on preventing them. This belief is key to our vision. Modero considers the debtor to be the customer and the creditor to be the client.

Every day, we meet people who have trouble paying and are in financial problems. This teaches us a great deal about the cause of these late payments: maybe people bought something that was too expensive, made a miscalculation, had bad luck, are having relationship problems... These are difficulties we have all come across. But that we are sometimes able to avoid. We take on board all of that knowledge when we try to obtain payment of your claims. And that is why we resolutely adopt a personal approach.


This personal approach distinguishes us from debt collection agencies. As judicial officers, we are able to initiate legal proceedings, after the amicable debt collection phase. And during these proceedings, we also have a number of powers specific to our profession.
We look at files from a legal point of view, already from the start. The amicable phase is intended exactly to avoid legal proceedings. In this way, we try to save costs for our customers and clients.
We maintain an overview of the entire case. The amicable and legal phases come together. No information is lost and we can ensure a faster turnaround time that way.


All clients are different. We use a different approach for a consumer who does not pay their bills than for a company that does not pay its debts. Clients are also different: some clients want to focus on preserving their commercial relationships, others favour a quick recovery, while still others wish to pursue their social objectives. Accurate information and offering the right assistance leads to faster payment and ultimately is more cost-effective for customers and clients.

If people know exactly why they have to pay a certain amount of money and how to avoid extra costs, they are more likely to pay. That is what our figures show. We also help our clients in this way, because the number of bad debtors goes down. The combination of technological innovation and human finesse is the essence of our uniform method.