In case of attachment on immovable goods, your creditor may impose an attachment on your house, garage, lot of land, etc. When a mortgage has been taken out on your real estate, the financial institute will also be informed of the attachment. In many cases, they will contact you as well. The real estate can be sold at a public auction by an appointed civil law notary and the proceeds may be used to pay off your creditor.

Before we can impose an attachment on your real estate, we need to have a court judgment or other document with the same power as a judgment to do so, such as the notarised deed of a mortgage loan.

As part of a collective debt settlement a court may order the sale of your house, when awarding debt cancellations or imposes a full cancellation of all debts, as part of a repayment plan.

This is a very invasive process. It is important to know that it is not too late to find a solution and that we are happy to help you. However, it is up to you to reach out to us. You should contact us immediately to arrive at a settlement for paying your debt and prevent a public sale of your real estate.

Contact us at any rate, if your question remains unanswered. That way, we can find an appropriate solution together.