The attachment of wages is the most common form of a “third-party attachment". An attachment of wages means that your wages or benefits are withheld in part or in full by your employer and are paid into our account. We will then use these funds to pay off your debts. Your employer or benefits agency is required to cooperate in the attachment of wages, as third parties. We are obliged to write to all creditors who have previously imposed an attachment upon you. All of these creditors are asked to state how much they are owed. The funds seized at your employer are divided among all of these creditors. The attachment is lifted when the entire claim is paid in full, or when your employment or benefits end.

There are some legal limitations to the attachment (figures apply to 2014):

In principle, you will therefore always retain part of your income. There is however one exception: for late maintenance payments, there are no limits, so your entire income may be seized.

When you have multiple sources of income, for example wages and holiday allowance and benefits (for example child benefits or disability benefits), these will all be added up to calculate the part of your income that is going to the creditor.

Contact us if you would like to know how much you still owe. We will provide you with an up-to-date overview.