The judicial officer

This brochure (in Dutch) provides answers to questions such as: who is the judicial officer and what does he do exactly, how much does a judicial officer’s intervention cost or what can you do when he does not stick to the rules.

You received a writ of summons

This brochure (in Dutch) offers you all the useful information if you have received a summons to appear in court.

Better access to the courts

No one is immune from unfortunate events, and a good legal advisor is essential every now and then. This brochure (in Dutch) explains how you can gain access to primary and secondary legal assistance: conditions, procedures... A list of so-called “Houses of Justice” (“Maisons de Justice”) is also provided.

You have been found guilty

The court has ruled in your case and has found you guilty. What should you do? This brochure (in Dutch) provides you with an answer to some questions. The brochure explains, in particular, the contents of the judgment or ruling, the legal remedies, pardons and prison stays.

You did not receive your maintenance allowance?

The Maintenance Payment Claims Department (DAVO) of the Federal Ministry of Finance was set up by the Act of 21 February 2003 as a service to citizens. The Department is part of the administration of non-fiscal recoveries within the General Administration of Assets Documentation. The DAVO was set up with two objectives in mind: to assist in the enforcement of court decisions (recovery of maintenance allowances) and poverty reduction (paying of advances on maintenance allowances).