The combination of the following values are the two pillars which support Modero’s way of working.
In other words, they are our building blocks, which we need to function.
Without these values, we are nothing. They convert our mission statement into a specific uniform method.


We will always look for the method with the lowest financial and social costs for customers and clients. By determining the solvency profile of the customer right from the start, we can work in a more focused manner and arrive at an arrangement more quickly. We avoid unnecessary costs in hopeless cases and always select the most appropriate approach to the customer.


We use state-of-the-art data synchronisation technologies. Throughout the recovery process, our actions are based on a central case file. Any change that is made to this file, regardless of which party makes this change, is fed back into the central database. This uniform method is enshrined in clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and scenarios for the client. Furthermore, the method is dynamic. We can make adjustments, depending on the progress made in the recovery process and the client’s wishes.


Today, IT is the backbone for providing services on a large scale. Thanks to our in-house IT department, we can respond quickly to new needs, while technical issues can be resolved swiftly. Our innovative use of the most modern communication and data-management technologies guarantees an efficient exchange of information between all parties involved. Our in-house IT department ensures a quick, automated creation of your case files all over Belgium, thanks to our proprietary state-of-the-art software.


Both customers and clients are able to review their file online via a web application. Clients can also request personalised reports about their cases. All changes that are made to a case file are systematically fed back to a central server. Thanks to this central control, the case file is always up-to-date, regardless of which Modero employee is handling the case at any given moment.


We employ many experienced employees and specialists in a wide range of matters. In this way, we can continuously provide a high level of quality in all stages of the recovery assignment. The Modero network comprises many experienced case managers and judicial officers. Questions can therefore always be handled quickly. Also when difficult cases are concerned. Our partnerships within Belgium and abroad ensure that we have the capacity to handle large assignments. Even if there is a whole team working on a client’s case, the client can still confer with one person who is the central point of contact. In that way, the client maintains a clear overview.


In all letters we send to customers, the contact desk of the local colleague is mentioned. We have developed a network in all districts of Belgium with agencies that share the same vision.  The contact desk of each of these agencies is open to customers who want to discuss their case. After all, every customer is unique and deserves a personal approach.

We provide the customer with a great deal of information (about the procedure, payment possibilities...) and assistance if they are looking for social or financial support.  Our communication is tailored to the customer’s solvency profile and the client’s corporate profile.


When handling the recovery, we closely observe the legal and ethical provisions that apply to judicial officers. Professional integrity is also one of the three basic principles of the Modero Charter to which all partners in the Modero Network have signed up.


We use a range of communication means, to keep the threshold for the customer as low as possible. Every customer has access to their case file via the internet, to clear statements of their account, accompanying letters, accessible opening hours, regional contact desks, multilingual staff,  text messages, special websites, etc. We enlist translators-interpreters if no-one in the network speaks the customer’s language.  It is not always clear to customers how to access legal or social support. Through our internal ombudsman, customers are redirected to the appropriate social or legal services. This department also handles any customer complaints.