Many steps have preceded this attachment. The creditor has sent you a number of reminders and you have been requested to pay. Unfortunately, no solution was arrived at and you were ordered to pay by the court or competent body. Despite being served with the judgment or enforcement order you did not pay, and so now you have received a writ of attachment. This means, specifically, that part of your income will go directly to the creditor or that your household contents or house can be sold to pay your creditor with the proceeds.

An attachment can be either conservatory or enforceable. In case of a conservatory attachment, you can still use your household contents or house, but you may not sell it or give it away. In case of an enforceable attachment, your household contents (attachment on movable goods) or your house (attachment on immovable goods) can be effectively sold after a certain time. It may also be that part of your wages or benefits (attachment on income) is withheld to pay off your creditor.

There are different forms of attachment. For all forms of attachment, you will need to make full payment as soon as possible if you want the attachment to be lifted as quickly as possible.

Attachment on my household contents
Attachment on my wages or benefits
Attachment on my bank account
Attachment on my house

Contact us as quickly as possible. Attachment proceedings can have far-reaching consequences. It is important to know that it is not too late to find a solution and that we are happy to help you. However, it is up to you to reach out to us.